Greece, a country of light, is famous both for its history, as it is for its morphology. The islands of Greece are grouped in clusters of hundreds of islands sparkling with natural beauty making them very popular holiday destinations. The Cyclades are such a cluster of islands which has gained worldwide fame and attracts tourists from all over the world every summer to experience the small paradises of the Aegean Sea.

The island of Sifnos is located in the southwestern Cyclades and stands out for its natural environment, fertile soil and its definitive expression of traditional Cycladic architecture. The sculpted landscape of the island with sprawling dense stone walls and the deep blue sea ranks it at the top three preferred Cycladic destinations.

In the traditional settlement of Artemona, in the area of St. Luke by the cobblestone path, architect Amalia Symeonidou created a modular home, sitting in full harmony with the landscape. The home's traditional architecture utilizes new and innovative materials to support a modern lifestyle in a traditional setting. Its decoration was made with a minimalist aesthetic using few colors to highlight the prevalent whiteness of the island and the deep blueness of the sea and sky. The result reflects and exudes the calm and sweet atmosphere needed in a vacation home.

The shape of the house is like the Greek Pi (Π), creating a sense of the old neighborhood. A large perimetric courtyard cradles the home as the Greek summer is long and guest privacy should be afforded when desired. The interior of the house is 190 m2 and consists of a connected space which is consists of a lounge with a modern kitchen, 3 bedrooms, each one with its own bathroom, a guest house with a smaller utility kitchen, all of which lead to the shared courtyard space. On the roof of the house one can relax over large cushions which are an absolute delight ... sunbathing with views over the Aegean Sea or stargazing on cool nights.


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